Finding Meaning Through Dementia Workshops

Understanding our experience through dementia with greater clarity, ease, and connection.

 A New Story

Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands 2019 Fall Workshop Locations


Qualicum Bay
Dec 13

In this 3 hour evolutionary introductory experience we will invite in a different perspective about our relationship with dementia.

A perspective that can invoke:


In many experiences with dementia we are overwhelmed with what seems to be a rapid deterioration of our loved one. Painful is an understatement.  It is often difficult to feel a sense of compassion and clarity when everything seems to be happening to us all at once.

In this introduction, we will explore concepts like grief, isolation, dependency, death, and other emotional experiences in a group format, which in our opinions is the superior way to promote health back into communities, when we do so around topics so near and dear to our hearts, like dementia, it makes it even more cohesive and powerful.

A New Perspective

Come with Child-Like Curiosity

child like

In this journey of Remembering Through Dementia, we invite in spontaneity and a child-like curiosity into a safe container to help us see our situations with more clarity. We will look to our own sense of truth as to how we can better navigate our relationships.

We will observe our interactions with our loved ones and make clearer sense of why we may be co-creating this experience and how we can adapt to a new way of relating with everyone involved.

A New Story

In the new story, we see a transition into Grace, a call out to be heard, a shift into spiritual, and a call to remember who we are.

In the new story, it is you, it is me, is each of us individually that can initiate a coming together, an evolution into a deeper way of connecting and listening to one another.

Through our sacred interactions with loved ones, or in simple communication with others, there is potential to feel our attitudes shift towards compassion even if that is not a present or possible reality. Our loved ones are held in this presence and can feel our deepening into self, what a gift!

Participating in a group format allows us to tell our story, process where we need to, listen, and realize a deeper connection than our subjective viewpoint may allow for, especially if we feel things are happening to us instead of for us and with us as co-creators.

We will experience ways in which we can:

  • Understand a state of grounded resilience in our interactions.
  • Uncovering reasonings behind different relationship dynamics you are experiencing.
  • Learn how to set a space to allow for deeper connection with your loved one.
  • Enhance effective communication strategies so that we can set better expectations and create peace of mind.
  • Learn holistic listening, which can include mental, emotional, spiritual and physical communication into the mix.
  • See our deeper responsibility within navigating Dementia for the health of Self, Family, Community, and World.
  • Learn how we can tap into our Nature for greater clarity, resilience, and connection in all of our interactions.
  • Open up our spiritual perspective to understand connectivity, relational dynamics, and listening on more subtle realms of reality (WHERE OUR LOVED ONES ARE!!) 

We will use a variety of intuitive, spontaneous formats, exercises, awareness teachings, and deeper philosophies to enhance listening, as we navigate Dementia in all of its phases and all of its connections.

We shall celebrate change.

Workshop Investment

As in Nature, we freely share our gifts with those who wish to receive them and offer this service using a PWYC (Pay What You Can) Model.

This means that you choose what to pay. On the registration form below you simply type in the amount you wish to contribute to attend the workshop. We encourage you to bring your loved one that has dementia with you to this workshop and there is no expectation that you pay anything additional for them.  

Our suggested contribution is $75. But the amount you contribute is up to you.

Of course, if you are able and most importantly, see the value in what we do, you are free give a higher contribution. This will help greatly to allow us to continue to deliver these programs and offer them with no financial restriction to those who may be financially restricted at this time.

To Attend

Please complete the registration from below to choose your location and make your payment.

Note: You are welcome and encouraged to bring the person in your life that has dementia to the workshop. There is no deposit or additional investment required.

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Location & Dates

Pender Island – Thurs. Oct 30/2019 – 1:30 – 4:30 PM
Hope Bay Studio MAP

Campbell River – Nov 3/2019, 2-5 PM
Wellness Centre
516 S. Dogwood St. MAP

Comox – Nov 29/2019, 1:00-4:00pm
Nourish Wellness
1822 Comox Avenue Unit C(upstairs) MAP

Qualicum Bay –  Dec 13/2019, 1:00-4:00pm
Lighthouse Community Center MAP
240 Lions Way, Qualicum Beach

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