Finding Meaning Through Dementia Course

A New Story

In this evolutionary 7-week course we will invite in those things we feel so connected to and yet have perhaps forgotten the most.

This is a New Story of Remembering.

New Story of Dementia

Dementia can play a significant role in the planets awakening. In our belief, it is directly correlated to the centuries of suppressed emotional trauma that like two tectonic plates, can no longer hold on. 

Forgotten our true Nature, we embark on a path, albeit tumultuous and daring, to evoke a sense of Remembering within through our experiences and relationships without. 

Within the family of a person with Dementia there are those who sense that there is something more that is going on than those who take care of our loved ones seem to want to investigate. 

Dementia is a deeper spiritual experience, our Loved Ones closer to the other side of this Earthly veil, they are conduits for healing, transformation and a greater sense of connection. 

With curiosity we can help investigate this “more” allowing for more insight and clarity, where we admit that we do not know and allow for knowing to emerge. The only thing really required is a child-like curiosity.

child like

Is this you?

This is a New Story of Dementia and we believe you are meant to play a part.  We are at a crucial crux of the human awakening, and Dementia holds keys to allow us to release the old and welcome in the new.

We invite you to join us on this evolutionary adventure.

The Adventure of the New Story of Dementia

The New Story allows us to see our interactions with our Loved Ones and family members as meaningful stories and deeper reasonings. 

It allows for us to ask deeper questions because we are held in a space to allow for our own truth to emerge, independent from what others tell us how things are, or how bleak the future appears to be.

The clarity that emerges in this work creates a sense of ease, reassurance and compassion for all those involved. Starting with ourselves.

A REMEMBERING of our true nature.

In the New Story we find space to hold ourselves and others objectively so that we can allow for clarity to emerge.

In a safe container, this realm of unknown becomes our canvas for curiosity.

We can more easily come together in the New Story, around the pain, around the struggles, in vulnerability, in non-judgement, in curiosity like a child, to see that we are more connected in this than we may have originally thought.

When we step back from our experience, we often can better navigate it and thus invite in more magic and fulfillment to what seems literally like hell.

In the New Story of Dementia we see our Loved Ones and our interactions as catalysts for deeper understanding of our relationships to Nature, internally and externally. 

Deeper Understanding


The New Story allows for self-care, to know that how we care for ourselves, how we relate to ourselves and therefore others is all a part of this often demonized illness. 

It is time to remove the stigma.

In the New Story we welcome purpose back into the equation and learn how to hold space for others as we now know how to provide for ourselves.

Find meaning

In the New Story we can come together instead of apart in vulnerability, because we now know that this is where the power lies, and it is our time to end our power-struggles.

We come together

n the New Story we survey the ancestral stories and spiritual connections that are longing for us to make right what we have not known to be possible.  Ignorance is not bliss, it is suppressed destruction.

If we are connected in any way to Dementia, in the New Story we find ways to hear our Loved Ones deepest requests, taking all of the visible and non-visible cues into consideration.

Our loved ones are alive inside and they are waiting to be held and heard.

When we open our perspectives to self-inquiry we unlock a door to the clarity, sense of ease, and greater connection we all know is possible.

Course Outline

We will treat this more as a ritual than a ceremony 

Within a ceremony, all parts become predictable, standard, normal, following some pre-defined path as to what may have all ways been done. Many institutional ceremonies leave very little room for spontaneity.

In our ritual together, we will set intentions of topics we will cover, but will leave room for spontaneity, fluidity, and the magic of the moment to meet individuals wherever they are on their path.

We are all experiencing different forms of Life showing up, but the magic in simplicity is that we are holding on to very similar energetic/emotional patterns that can be released when we come together to witness, hold space, and celebrate the glory of True change.

We intend to delve into the following topics during our 7-week ritual journey together:

  • The Power of coming into a New Story of Remembering Through Dementia, how we live within a co-creative dance and the impact personal-transformation has on our lives and our relationships.
  • The remarkable and simplistic Nature-based solutions that address both the symptom and root-cause of our suffering and illness, as well as the freedom potential available when we can take our health back into our own hands. 
  • The gift and importance of caring for Self and methods to bring a state of centered groundedness throughout all of our daily interactions. 
  • How to identify and bring back to balance the four basic human needs that can be seen in any relational dynamic, whether with our Loved Ones, family members, or any Life interaction for that matter. 
  • The power of intuition, coming back to heart and allowing the autonomous Self to awaken a sense of purpose, fulfillment, clarity, and compassion. 
  • Our relationship to illness, death, and dying, and how we can transcend fears that have us stuck on repetitive destructive loops that prevent our true freedom from emerging. 
  • The role of memory, Spirituality, Remembering our Ancestors and the trauma-based stories that affect all within our family circles and the dynamics that are unfolding. 
  • Uncovering the victim-perpetrator relationship and how we can come together with family and Loved Ones rather than separating further a part in our trauma.

Into Spiritual Awakening, But With No Context To Navigate...

Dementia is the sign we have been waiting for. Yes this may sound strange. 

Subconscious filters have been removed, or are being removed at an accelerated rate, no longer can the pain that has been suppressed for centuries if not millennia be suppressed.

Our Loved Ones are not being given a choice to hold their lifetime of pain and trauma back and therefore it is displayed in sometimes very aggressive forms. What a difficult and courageous role they have signed up for.

 Families are having a tough time looking at the often aggressive onslaught that they face as they navigate their relationships with each other. 

One thing is True, we cannot run away from it.

Catastrophe has often been a prime motivator of humanity, no where have I seen as much of a human catastrophe as with Dementia. 

I feel there is no separation between Climate Change and Human Change and we can use our external relationships as keys to delve further into our own growth and personal empowerment and change these relationship dynamics in the most magical of ways.

Therefore, we have a choice! We all ways have!

Is it Crisis, or Opportunity to Heal?

Do we utilize the catastrophe as a tool for greater health, connection, and clarity, or do we use it to further suppress that which in my opinion can no longer be suppressed?

Our ascension into a New Story involves coming into a personal sense of power. It is realizing that we have a choice. In order to unlock the choice we must first realize our personal connection and do the emotional work required to not only help our current situation, but future generations to come.

Bring only your curiosity…

Jon Martin – a guide to this

Weekly Lessons

  • Stimulating Contemplations contained in a number of focused audio and/or video lessons
  • Interviews with Internationally Acclaimed Leaders in Holistic Health and Wellness - to give you an even broader perspective as you navigate your Life situations.
  • Rejuvenating Awareness Exercises to help us listen, gain Resilience and feel Grounded in our experiences
  • Relaxing, Healing, and Thought Provoking Meditations and Sound Experiences to accompany you as you deepen your understanding of Dementia and your connection to it.
  • A minimum of 2 Live Online Calls with Jon and Paul to observe, hold space, and provide feedback to your deepest questions and realizations.
  • A private Facebook Group so you can share your questions, insights and observations with others in the Course
  • You can participate at your own pace any time of the day.
  • Even though the course runs over a 7 week period you will have access to the course for as long as you like so you can participate at your own pace and comeback and review any of the material at any time

You will never see Dementia the same way again..

Course Investment

As in Nature, we freely share our gifts with those who wish to receive them and offer this service using a GWYC (Give What You Can) Model.

This is what we ask:

$50 Deposit + Give What You Can at the End

What does this mean? You invest a $50 deposit to secure your spot. And then you get to experience the entire course and, at the very end, you can give us whatever you’d like to give. Were we to charge full price you’d pay $265 for this Course but we want to keep it accessible for anyone regardless of their current financial situation. Plus, the Course might be more valuable to some than others and why should you both give the same amount? It’s an honest-to-goodness, decide-at-the-end, give-what-you-can/want arrangement. If even the $50 deposit is too much, please let us know. No one will be  turned away due to lack of funds. Contact Us so we can work something out.


Invest in Full at Market Value: We’ve also added the option to simply invest $265 for the Course upfront. If that feels good and convenient for you, you can choose this option. It’s something that’s been requested a number of times so we’re trying it out, but either way is fine by us.

*If for any reason you don’t feel you received the value you set out to achieve, do not hesitate to request a refund.

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